Wednesday, 11 March 2015

March's meeting

Yesterday, we met in Sainsbury's, Portswood. It's the first time we've been able to meet in 2015; I've been shocked at how quickly the first few months have disappeared. In this meeting, we got constitutional and we went detective over land boundaries.

We looked at getting a constitution for our group. This would allow us to have structure and give people certain roles that will help maintain the running of the project. We are to be a 'Friends of' group and we think we've sorted out Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. We need to get our constitution written up before it's all set in stone, though. There some interesting parts of what a constitution needs to entail, but a lot of it was just working out the nitty-gritties of setting up such a group and deciding on aims and how we run.

Detective work
In a previous post about next steps, we mentioned that we'd like to improve the boundaries down one end of the path. They're flanked by nasty and warped corrugated metal, which is potentially dangerous and just ugly. However, this meant looking at boundaries and who own what. There were some surprises that the land registry documents had for us.

  1. It's not clear who owns the boundaries there. There is a 1929 document about an exchange of land between three parties, including the mayor, but which way the land went was unclear.
  2. The Broadlands Valley Greenway only covers two thirds of the area we thought it did. The boundary runs along the stream, with the south side of the stream being of unknown ownership.
  3. There is a square of land, downstream and separate from the rest, that is a part of the Broadlands Valley area.
More sleuthing is needed to find out if this has changed or who owns what. There is a substation on the mystery plot that means that area may belong to the utility company that manages that site.

Other thoughts and ideas
We discusses some ideas for activities, mainly involving bats (costumes were suggested at this point as well) and setting up a management plan for the area.

We also need to set up a work party date and a date for our next meeting.

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