Sunday, 30 November 2014

First small steps

Today marked our first opportunity to get going with the Broadlands Valley Greenway Project. We had a two hour slot, in which with had a few main jobs.

First, we wanted to clear the path of leaf litter. As winter is fast approaching, the frosty mornings will make any leaf mulch into a slippery death-trap. As this path is used by families on their way to and from school and Portswood Rec, safety is a large focus of what we'll be doing. Also, by maintaining the paths, the seem wider and more accessible.

The path can be quite dark and oppressive in places, so one way to combat this is by removing some of the overhanging branches. Andy, obviously relishing the opportunity to use the long saws, got on with this job.

One of the most attractive features in the Broadlands Valley is the stream. Due to the pernicious brambles, a lot of it was covered. So another task was to clear this. Thomas and some of the kids tackled this job.

Where's the stream?

We've found it!
There was about a dozen of us over all, five of them being children (although a lot of the adults fall into the big kids category). The kids were troupers, enthusiastic about any task we got them involved with. They were happy picking litter or cutting brambles in the stream.

We were all impressed with the progress we made in such a short time. This has definitely given us a better idea of what can be achieve and what needs doing.

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